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Your Career vs Passion

“Your career and passion don’t always match up.” – Amy Poehler

The truth is that many times our careers and our passions don’t align but let’s be clear… that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, when our careers and our passion don’t align, we can sometimes find ourselves feeling as if something is missing, feeling frustrated or feeling like our career lacks meaning. Trust me, many times it’s evident when someone is at work simply for the paycheck and they could care less about the customer.

While your career and your passion may not align, studies have shown that when they do, there is a much greater feeling of satisfaction and feelings of doing meaningful work.

If you are clear on what your passion is and your career and passion do not align, you have many choices. These choices include, but are not limited to, finding a position that aligns with your passion or continuing in your current position but finding passion-related activities outside of work.

However, if you are confused of where your passion or passions lie, contact me. Let me help you identify the career areas you are naturally interested in that also aligns with your personality, natural skills and abilities, and your values. After all, when we say passion, this is what we are referring to. Something that feels like “purpose.”

Whatever you choose to do, don’t stay where you are.

Life is too short to feel as if you aren’t fulfilling your purpose or passion.

Let’s get started right away. Contact me today.

After all, you are becoming the vision.

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