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It’s Time to Make Room for More

Have you ever tried stuffing your drawers or your closets with new clothes instead of getting rid of clothes that no longer work for you or that you haven’t worn in years? If we are anything alike (and I believe we have many things in common), I have the most difficult time getting rid of clothes that I know I can no longer wear or that no longer suit my needs. It’s not just clothes. Sometimes it’s food, things around the house and office, jobs, and my goodness… and dare I say it? Mindsets and people. Why do we have such a hard time removing or changing things from and in our lives that no longer serve us or it’s intended purpose?

You see, while I do believe we are creatures of habit, I also believe that sometimes we simply get comfortable in staying in situations that no longer serve us. I also believe that sometimes we have blinders on (intentionally or unintentionally) and need help pulling those blinders off. And other times, we just don’t want to deal with it or we don’t have the necessary tools to deal with it. Because truthfully, if our lives are anything like our closets, we have a difficult time letting go or just being willing to admit it no longer works for us.

It’s a hard truth, but a necessary one.

So how can we make room for more? Here are just a few tips to help.

1. Assess. Take time to assess and re-evaluate your goals. In what ways do the people and the things in your life help with that goal?

2. Acknowledge. Acknowledge the reality of what is and that perhaps, these people, situations, or things no longer serve us and the impact of keeping them or it around.

3. Express gratitude. Express gratitude for what the people, persons, situations, or things have brought into your life. Truthfully, I’ve been through some traumatic experiences. While sometimes I’ve asked God, “Was there not another way I could’ve learned this lesson?”, I’ve come to realize that no matter how difficult it has been, it has always seemed to work for my good – even when I didn’t understand it at that time. And for that, I’m grateful.

4. Change. Now, please remember that changing comes with a decision first and being clear on what needs to change and how. This doesn’t happen overnight or suddenly, so give yourself a lot of grace. This also doesn’t always mean that you begin cutting people off immediately. (Some situations may call for this but not all.) Perhaps it means learning to set more boundaries with your boss, co-workers, family, or friends.

5. Embrace your decision to change. This is your decision and yours alone. So, pat yourself on the back for being willing to take the necessary steps to make room for more. Do not apologize for anyone for doing what is in your best interest in order for you to become a better you.

What’s stopping you from making room for greater things? Whatever it is, take time to address it and don’t be afraid. It only means better version of you, for you and those around you.

You are becoming the vision.

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